Rick DeGolia

This is first portion of this statement exactly as it is in the Voter Pamphlet. The photo is added.  Campaign Statements are limited to 200 words.

I have been on the City Council for nine years.  It is an honor to represent the residents of Atherton.  I am running for re-election because people deserve responsible, accountable, transparent government. I am innovative and running on my record:

I was instrumental in advocating for and helping to ensure that Atherton built its new Town Center on budget and with very significant resident involvement.  It is open and for the first time in ten years we have filled every position in our police department.

I worked to deepen our close, cooperative relationship with our police and to attract and retain officers with community policing as their commitment.

I strongly support local control of housing and believe that Atherton can provide excellent affordable housing with residents renting ADUs and schools building housing for staff.

I started the committee that resulted in Atherton Fiber building a fiber network throughout Atherton.  This system provides faster, cheaper Internet service than its competitors.

I support increased community involvement and encourage resident communication to obtain input on all Council decisions.  I respond to every email and phone call. I work to build consensus and always respect differences of opinion.

I have worked in Silicon Valley as a business lawyer and software executive for thirty-three years. I will listen to you and I want to represent your interests.

Email: rick@rickdegolia.com.

My commitments to the community remain the same.

      • Insure resident-focused government.
      • Maintain Atherton’s close, cooperative relationship with the police.
      • Support important, long-neglected capital projects, including bike lanes, safe crossings on El Camino and a well cared for Holbrook-Palmer Park.
      • Increase community involvement.
      • Increase communication to obtain input on important Council decisions.
      • Build consensus among Council members and always respect differences of opinion.
      • Contribute executive expertise to Council deliberations and process.