Holbrook-Palmer Park FountainAtherton recently opened its new Town Center, which replaces a totally dilapidated administration and police building and seven worn our trailers that had required replacement for thirty years.  For the first time in ten years, Atherton has recently hired to the full headcount allowed for its police force because the police have a new facility that anyone would want to work in.  While the entire Town Council supported the new Town Center development, no one was more active in making this happen than Rick.  This effort to build the Town Center was the fourth attempt.  The previous three attempts failed to raise the necessary funds.  Rick’s Quest Opinions in The Almanac and his constant work to get this project completed on time and on budge was instrumental in its success.

Atherton has four Master Plans that have been in process for more than a year.  These include a Bike and Pedestrian Path Master Plan, a Drainage Systems Master Plan, the Hobrook-Palmer Park Master Plan and  the Civic Center Master Plan.

There is no more beautiful public spot in Atherton than Holbrook-Palmer Park.  The council needs to work with the Park and Recreation Committee and the Park Foundation to find creative ways to enable the Park to maintain its open space and pastoral serenity for our residents.  Rick is the Council liaison to the Park and Recreation Committee, which advises the Council in all matters concerning the Park.

In Spring 2023, the Town will begin a restoration of the Park’s entrance, exit and the circular path and lawn between the Park entrance and the Main House, in accordance with the Park Master Plan.  This will be the most significant project in the Park’s history, costing more than $1M and partially paid with a grant from Stanford.  Rick supports the projects identified in the Park Master Plan, which includes various proposals for improvement of and care for the plantings and trees in the Park.  Rick strongly supports investing in the maintenance of the planting material in the Park.  He would like to see a comprehensive planting plan that will preserve the open space and develop specific planting zones, but only if there is a commitment to maintain any new planting with dedicated resources.